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Corbett, David. THE DEVIL'S REDHEAD - Orion 2003

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The Devil's Redhead by David Corbett. 2003 - Orion. For sale is a first edition, first printing. fine used hardback book in a fine dust jacket.

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Corbett, David.  THE DEVIL'S REDHEAD  -  Orion 2003

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The Book 'The Devil's Redhead' In Detail

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For sale is a fine hardback copy of the novel, The Devil's Redhead by David Corbett, published in 2003 by Orion.

Edition Details

Title The Devil's Redhead
Author David Corbett
Publisher Orion
Edition first edition, first printing
Copyright Year 2003
ISBN 0752860089
Cover Price 9.99
No. Pages 373
Dimensions 24 cm x 16 cm
Weight (kg) 0.71

The book is a first edition, first printing as evidenced by no mention of later editions on the copyright page.

The book has orange boards and black lettering. The boards have no knocks or signs of wear. Internally there are no marks or inscriptions. The pages are clean and white, have no tears or creases, and the binding is tight and square.

The fine dust jacket is complete showing the original cover price of £9.99.

Overall a fine copy of a novel by a popular author.

The book is not an ex library book, it has no remainder marks or publisher's stamps.

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David Corbett
David Corbett was a senior operative with a prominent San Fransisco private investigation firm for nearly fifteen years, working on a number of high-profile criminal and civil litigations. In 1995 he retired from investigative work to open a law practice with his wife, Terri, a longtime advocate for the poor and victims of AIDS. She died from ovarian cancer in January 2001. He currently resides in Northern California.

Synopsis of this title

Dan Abatangelo and Shel Beaudry are two 'for life' lovers, whose adventures as the last of the independent 'gentleman' marijuana smugglers ('no violence - it's all about the money') come to an abrupt end with their arrest in Las Vegas. Dan pleads guilty and receives a ten-year sentence in exchange for a more lenient term for Shel. Released from prison, Shel struggles to keep her life on track without Dan's emotional support. Succumbing to a weakness for 'strays' she becomes the sole caregiver of Frank Maas, a psychologically scarred and unstable loner on the fringes of a crime ring operating in the delta. With Dan's release from prison imminent, Frank plans a quick, ill- conceived score, hoping with money in hand to persuade Shel to disappear with him. The plan backfires miserably, and Frank, Shel and Dan are caught up in an inferno they cannot hope to survive.

Reviews of this title


From Publishers Weekly
Corbett thunders out of the gate with this gritty, moving debut about an ex-con's readjustment to freedom and his efforts to reunite with a former lover. Ten years after being sentenced for drug dealing, Dan Abatangelo emerges from prison with one thought in mind: finding Shel Beaudry and rekindling their relationship. Abatangelo is a changed man harder, less patient, prone to bursts of violence. Despite the advice of friends, who warn him that no good can come from reuniting with Shel, he pushes forward. He eventually finds her living north of San Francisco, beholden to a drug-addled, mentally unstable man named Frank Maas and the crime ring that employs him. When Shel and Abatangelo finally meet, she waffles on returning to him, but before he can convince her, a local drug war breaks out and Shel is taken hostage. Abatangelo responds with a daring rescue mission that takes him deep into his former world and ignites a gruesome chain of violence and death. Corbett, a San Francisco private investigator for more than a decade, brings a wealth of real-world detail to his swift, highly atmospheric narrative. His plotting could sometimes use a little more glue, and a few characters particularly newspaperman Bert Waxman border on caricature. But Corbett's prose dazzles, cutting across the page with passionate force, articulating themes of devotion, lost hope and spiritual renewal in an unforgiving world.

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